Fashion Street

Quality is the key, as well as the priority, here in Fashion Street business environment. We believe in the concept of Quality Assurance and not is the concept of Quality control, and thus maintain quality standards right from the sourcing of yarn required for the garments to be manufactured for our valued customers. We calculate the risk associated with the quality issues from the very beginning. Our experienced and skilled Fabric Engineer instruct the whole team to check and cross check the quality parameters in every process, thereby guaranteeing your desired quality standards. Fashion Street follows a quality manual of its own. It is developed in alignment with the quality standard of most of the buyers in located Europe and also the rest of the world.

We, the Fashion Street corporate family, are being managed in a Matrix-Management format. All the supervisors of the Sourcing, Sample, Product, Quality and others departments are required to report the quality Chief in addition to their respective line managers. With high flexibility in our organizational culture we are able to accommodate quality standards as desired by our different customers.