Fashion Street

By utilizing the expertise of our product development teams and the vastness of our sourcing network you nowhave   access to turn your ideas into businesses. Our clients leverage our supplier relationships and close ties with manufacturers who offer insider supplier knowledge to help you make best the buying decisions.

We turn your visions into concepts of product development and dedication to provide creative products to support and grow your business through our proven experience.

Whether it is in apparel the Fashio Street puts the pieces together.

‘Best buy is the best business’ this is the guiding principle of business in our company. Our merchandisers are working round the clock to avail you the best possible price here in Bangladesh. We the Fashio Street merchandisers are working on open costing basis and therefore you can expect a sharp costing without any hide and seek.

Our experience merchandisers are result oriented self motivated personnel who work by them up to the final output is there. They are monitored but not commanded to work them up to the final output is there.